About Me

"Passion & Efficiency Create Raving Fans!"

"Learning what matters to YOU and serving YOUR NEEDS at the highest level possible is always my goal."

About Me:

Homegrown right here on the Treasure Coast, where I now am raising my own family, I can tell you: There really is no place like home!
Between our extensive beaches, our wildlife preserve parks and riding trails, beautiful waterways, and social hotspots, our little pocket of Florida's East Coast is indeed a "treasure" to be proud of!

What Do You Do For Fun?

Outside of Real Estate, I particularly favor paddle boarding our rivers and spoil islands, as the water is my favorite place to spend my free time.

Traveling elsewhere and embracing new challenges along the way is a hobby my family takes part in... together we have marvelous adventures!

Our locals will also recognize me as half of "Team Tango", where my argentine tango partner and I use our love of dance to give back as often as possible via community fundraisers and competition.

What Did You Do Before Real Estate?

My background in construction and contractor trades has served my career in Real Estate almost as well as my extensive serving experience. To succeed in any service industry, you must genuinely love people. I am committed to serving my clients' real estate needs. Creating 'raving fans' is my goal!

Why Here? Why Now?

I chose to plant my own business roots right here because it is rare to find such a perfect blend of that "small-town" feel and close proximity to every scale of entertainment you could be looking for.

We on the Treasure Coast are a marketplace on the map, but still small enough that there is room to grow and develop. That's where investments flow and families go.

In other words, this is THE PLACE TO BE!

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